Studio 3A

Tuukul Meditation Kit

During the first months of lockdown 2020 in Portugal, Therezia had the chance to travel around Portugal and with her she brought the meditation stool that was gifted to her a while back. This piece brought her beautiful conversations about mindfulness and new insights that her friends were having in consequence of covid-19 lockdown. She considered these conversations as a gift and wanted to give back. Therezia invited Tomás to partner with her in this journey and to be the producer of the wooden stools since he is a renowned cabinet maker and has an incredible joinery workshop in Cascais. Tomás, that never meditated sitting down in the lotus position but naturally meditates everyday with the ocean and whilst working with wood; he accepted the partnership without asking almost any details.

 “Does that mean i’m going to be a meditation master?” he asked.

– You already are my dear friend.

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Carving out your sacred space, a quiet corner,
a place where we can look forward to
checking in with the body and reconnecting with the soul.
Tuukul is composed by a meditation stool to
help you sit still in an upright position,
a carpet to mark your space, a sage torch to
cleanse the energy before entering your inner
self and a candle to set your intention;
all hand made with love in Portugal.
We hope this will help you as it has helped us
go beyond our everyday mind and connect
with this beautiful universe we are all part of.

Om mani padme hum

Images taken by José Martins.