Our work

Studio 3A prides itself in being a leading sustainable architect studio. We embark on a thorough study of the climate and topography of the place, spending time with our client to understand better the end user’s needs. This is necessary in order for us to mitigate the energy use and reduce our carbon footprint, all while keeping in mind the user’s comfort.

Cabanas in Comporta

Residential Project

“I want this place to be my retreat, give me a bed and a bathtub and I’m happy.” That was our client’s brief for our last project, Cabanas in Comporta, a small private residential project of four black cabanas that sit comfortably amidst the wild pine trees, inviting you to breathe, relax, and soak in the natural beauty around.

Maria Sole Boutique in London

Retail Project

With a challenging timeframe and limited budget, we were commissioned to bring the essence of the brand out through the shop interior. We are thankful for our client Maria Sole Ferragamo who trusted us a partner for such an important milestone in her career as a jewellery designer.